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HÄLSA Pharma GmbH is a manufacturing and batch release company for medicinal products and a qualified manufacturer of medical devices. Operating at the interface between production and distribution, HÄLSA guarantees the safety of pharmaceutical products.


HÄLSA Pharma GmbH
a Diapharm company
Maria-Goeppert-Str. 5
23562 Lübeck • Germany

Contact: Dr. Guido Middeler
Telephone: +49 251 60935-300
Fax: +49 251 60935-320

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General manager: Ralf Sibbing
Registry court: Amtsgericht Lübeck • HRB 12007 HL
VAT ID: DE283369330
Responsible for website content: Ralf Sibbing, address as above

Münster office

Hälsa Pharma GmbH
a Diapharm company
Hafenweg 18-20
48155 Münster • Germany

Contact: Dr. Franz-Josef Kappenberg
Telephone: +49 (0)251 60935-547
Fax: +49 (0)251 60935-531

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  2. Service hotline: +49 251 60935-300

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